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New Law Requires Sports Agents in Colorado to Get Registered


As Joshua Golka reported on his website, sports agents in Colorado must abide by state athlete agent regulations.  Athlete Agents must get registered with the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), Division of Registrations, by January 2009 in order to represent student athletes. This law primarily affects agents that are actively recruiting student athletes on college campuses.

The new provisions signed into law by Colorado Governor Bill Ritter also details regulations in which athlete agents must abide by in order to continue to to represent student athletes.  If an Agent fails to abide by the regulations, an athlete may void any contract he signed with a violating agent.

Athlete agents can register and get more information at:

I find it interesting that at the moment no Athlete Agents have registered with DORA as there are several sports agencies in Colorado that actively recruit student athletes.  Those registered should have been found at:  There are only a few months for agents to get into compliance so Colorado agents better get with the program or be at risk of having all future contracts with student athletes voided.

For more information about getting registered, DORA is hosting a public meeting in Pueblo, CO, on November 21, 2008 to discuss Athlete Agent registration:


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