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Sports and Entertainment LawSports Law encompasses a multitude areas of law brought together in unique ways. Issues such as contracts, trademarks, torts, criminal and family law are quite common.  Call us today at 206-682-7975 and let us take you to the next level!

The average athlete’s career is short and may only last for a year or two.  Therefore an athlete must maximize his endorsement and performance opportunities throughout a career.  It is advisable to select representation that has experience dealing in legal matters and contract negotiations in order to procure the best and most profitable deals possible.  In addition, having a lawyer as an agent provides for legal advice at no additional charge which may help keep an athlete safe and out of trouble, capitalize on opportunities that a non lawyer would not recognize such as name/likeness rights while also being able to council in family, business, or real estate matters.

Sports Law Services:

  • Athlete Representation
  • Professional Team Contract negotiations
  • Negotiation of Marketing and Endorsement Deals
  • Creation of Charitable/For Profit Business Organizations
  • Post Career Counseling
  • Trademark Protection
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