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Colorado Man Runs for President…..of Nigeria

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Sam Wantings

When Sam Wantings called me on the phone one afternoon telling me he needed an entertainment lawyer but wouldn’t tell me why I was very much skeptical.  Then when he came to my office telling me he planned to run for President of Nigeria in 2011, well I thought this must be a scam.  After all, scamming people accounts for 92% of Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP):

As it turned out Mr. Wantings, a Colorado resident, was very serious about running for President of Nigeria in 2011 and was looking for legal assistance with his campaign.  Mr. Wantings paid me a visit he demonstrated enough to show me that he was for real, so I decided to assist Mr. Wantings and follow him down the rabbit hole and see where this thing went.  In the last few months Mr. Wantings has been drumming up funding for his campaign in Colorado as well as around the United States before he returns to Nigeria.  His goal is to rid Nigeria of corruption and partner with U.S. companies to help rebuild his country should he get elected to a position of leadership.  To read more about his campaign you can visit his website at: and be sure to check out his article in the Denver Post:  Good luck on the campaign trail Sam!

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