Entertainment Law

The entertainment business can be daunting, but it is essential to your economic interests to have an advocate on your side who understands the business. Our Seattle  Entertainment Lawyers are prepared to advise on issues involving band agreements, celebrity endorsements, as well as film & TV or film matters. Capitalize on your talents and make sure you don’t get taken advantage of when perusing your dreams.

Entertainment Services:

  • Entertainer/model representation
  • Negotiate all contracts (licensing, endorsement, employment, etc.)
  • Band Management
  • Creation of Band Partnership Agreements
  • Determines how profits and losses are split
  • Determines partnerships w/in the band
  • Who gets the songwriting credits
  • Specifics of how people get out of the band
  • Describes how new people are brought into the band
  • Copyright protection and registration
  • Trademark protection and registration
  • Film, screenplay and treatment protection

At Symmes Law Group we feel that it is important to educate our clients as much as possible so that they understand the importance of the service we provide.  Below you can find general information about Entertainment Law.

The Film Process: From Idea to Big Screen

  1. Starts with an idea put into writing
  2. Pitch – the idea is pitched to a company; the producer is given 3 minutes to pitch his idea; the writer will be given another 45 minutes to pitch his idea.
  3. Treatment – provides an overview of the film, including plots, character (gives the reader an idea of how the project might develop on-screen)
  4. Pre-Production – prepare and submit scripts, hire the talent (actors and producers)
  5. Post-Production – editing and putting together all the pieces of the film, including dialogue and soundtracks
  6. Color Balancing of the Film – put the film on answer print that will be used in broadcasting the film in the theaters

TV Process

  1. Idea
    • Anyone can come up with the idea
    • However it has to be communicated to someone like a producer or a show runner who is someone that has a track record of producing TV shows
  2. Pitch Season
    • The idea is pitched to the network
  3. Pilot Episode is produced
  4. Season
    • 22 episodes usually make a season
  5. Syndication
    • Must have at least 100 shows to make it to syndication
    • 5 years at 22 shows per year
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